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“All of my narratives are set in the fictional town of Catalpa, Georgia. Although not based on actual people, the characters are real in every sense of the word. While growing in size, Catalpa still enjoys a nonurban flavor, and many consider it a highly desirable place to live. Be forewarned though, like other small towns, it harbors a sinister underbelly which sometimes surfaces and stains its otherwise peaceful nature.”

~ Joseph MacNabb

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Debut Novel

The Closet

In The CLOSET, ten-year-old Annie Rowan is lured away from a small-town fair by a cunning and bizarre loner with a dark obsession. Annie’s father Will, a Methodist minister, still grieving the unsolved murder of her mother, is devastated. Who took her? Why? Was her taking random, or was she an intended target? Baffled from the start, the police seem to be getting nowhere. In a race against time, Will digs into the past on his own to discover the kidnapper’s true identity while Annie is forced to star in an unthinkable role. It’s a deadly play that challenges the young pastor’s faith, resilience, and wits to the limit as he fights to find and save his only child. But no matter what Will does, the terrible truth still waits for him inside THE CLOSET.

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Laura 'Lolly' Thatcher
"The Closet is evocative, nerve-wracking, and just wonderful. I gave it 5 stars on Amazon. Before you open it up, be sure you have a stiff drink at hand (preferably vintage cognac), at least 6 hours of uninterrupted time, and are wearing underwear you don’t plan to donate to the Junior League."
Carter Wilson, USA Today Bestselling author of THE DEAD HUSBAND 
"A striking debut targeting every parent’s worst nightmare. MacNabb is one to watch."
Charles W. Davis
"The Closet is a gripping tale that gets in your head, sets up camp, and begins stacking wood for the long haul"

Author Representation

Joseph MacNabb enjoys introducing readers to Catalpa. To inquire about speaking engagement opportunities or for any media inquiries, contact his agent, Pamela G. Ahearn.

Author's Agent

Pamela G. Ahearn

The Ahearn Agency


Solstice Publishing

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